Ode to Bandipur

Four of us climbed the stairs to heaven
And pondered on the snake-like river
And pinched the cheeks of the hills
I stooped to touch the wind’s hand
Yeah, I caught it –

I caught the wind’s hands
And the heart went berserk
Beleaguering the ancient footpaths
When the fire went wild
I tried to catch the black
But only to get entangled with my own delusions

The solicitous fingers poked my heart indiscreetly
Someone had screamed –
‘You shall live alone in your senectitude’
And perhaps that prophecy haunted me whole night

Between sips of vodka and laughter
And madness that followed
Baleful hopes chased me like a hungry predator
And the words of my wise mother shook me

The sky stabbed me with enchanting murmuration
And I went into a deep, unknown slumber, with a plentiful of stars
Ultima, explosion.