10 ways to view Phewa Lake

1. A flower blossoming
Imitating the raging Phewa
Slumbering like a failed ballerina
Suffering from zero ballon
2. Madness follows its edges
I do not ask for it
Rather, it inhere between
Two unturned stones.
3. An eagle soar
Hungry for love
Instead, chases fishes
4. Fishermen laugh
Mocking the gasping fishes
Flexing their existence
5. Its edges perfect
Like a despondent sound
Hungry for the next journey
6. A distant call
Love failing between the past
And future
A question mark.
7. A diamond ring
In the sky
Waiting for perfection
Lost in despair
8. A sad note
Letters printed everywhere
The last unknown song
Her eyes.
9. A desperate call
Madness lies somewhere else
True picture
Never lies
10. A sober man
Curses the beer
Strolling away
@ Arun Budhathoki

Pokhara, brute

Brute, Brute
Under the lopsided, asymmetrical Phewa Lake
I strolled on the cracked images
Stitching etching memories onto the two-sided portrait
Burying one, selling the other two
Brute brute
Hammering the heart
Tossing the pieces into the universe: that’s how the stars were formed,
Whenever a star twinkles
This heart aches in pain,
Whenever a star explodes
This heart stops beating
And the brute Lake continues to stare at me
Like a drunk fool, stammering, stuttering
Puking meaningless free verses

Her Lipstick

I carry her lipstick inside my pocket
To remind the hectoring heart
That she loves you with no intentions whatsoever
Its embonpoint structure makes my heart jump
Like a young kid travelling from the US to Kathmandu,
I carry her lipstick and advice the heart
That that’s the door to her heart,
Sometimes I am aghast with the heart’s furphy cacophonies

I carry her lipstick to remind myself
That I am at times a ramshackle
That I am a complaisant child

So I carry her lipstick inside my pocket unintentionally
And let all the kisses pacify me

I carry her lipstick
I carry her love
I carry her inside my pocket

I carry her.